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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will the raise, restump & associated works generally take?
    For a full raise and restump (including concrete slab, plumbing, electrical, front and rear stairs) will take approximately 4 - 5 weeks.
    A straight raise and restump will take approximately 7 – 8 working days.
  2. How long wil I be out of my house for?
    For a full raise and restump we advise the clients that they will require to vacate the house for approximately 4 weeks.
  3. Can the works be staged (i.e. raise the house this year and build-in the future)?
    Yes. Some people choose to stage the works (i.e. raise this year, enclose the house next year).
  4. Will there be power and water stay connected to my house for the process?
    Plumbing will be disconnected from the house, however in most cases the electrical will remain connected.
  5. Can BT Builders Qld organise plans and engineering?
    Yes, BT Builders Qld engages with a local draftsman who will work with you on designing the layout of the renovation. BT Builders Qld also work closely with a number of local engineers who will design the footing and slab works on your behalf.
  6. Can BT Builders Qld organise council applications and approvals?
    Yes, BT Builders Qld can organise all building approvals on your behalf.
  7. How long are building approved plans valid for?
    2 years.
  8. How long does it usually take to organise plans and council?
    Generally between 4 – 8 weeks from when the contract is signed.