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Our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Policies

It is the policy of Taboh Pty Ltd trading as BT Builders Qld to implement and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and customers.

To achieve this, we have policies that cover Health, Safety and the Environment, Quality and Bullying and Harassment. These policies document our belief and commitment to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements while achieving Zero Harm to people and the environment.

Our policies are based on our commitment to ongoing improvement, the implementation of our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management System and compliance with legal and other requirements.

We pride ourselves on the health and safety of our team, the quality of our work and the protection of environment for our future generations.

We make every effort in the areas of accident prevention, hazard management, training, injury prevention, rehabilitation, environmental protection, waste reduction and quality systems.

We are all responsible for health and safety at our worksites. We care for ourselves and those we work with and we are not afraid to say something is not right.

Our policies are reviewed 2 yearly or as required as legislation, regulations and codes of practice change.

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Boyd Hall - Director